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Natural oils

(produced by the company “Złoto Polskie”)

The Złoto Polskie Company is a manufacturer of the highest quality cold-pressed oils known under the brand name 10-stopniowe (ten-grade). The company has additional two brands Olandia and Revitalen. Olandia – is a brand of innovative rapeseed oils pressed from the very germs of bitter-free rapeseed, as well as cold-pressed oils from conventional and organic farming. Revitalen – is a brand that has products for the Dr Budwig diet.

In the latest healthy eating pyramid developed at Harvard University, oils have made it to the most widely recommended foods in the daily diet. Researchers found that most people have greater access to good vegetable oils than to oily sea fish or nuts, which are also good sources of fatty acids. 70% of company production is organic. Organic products are free from chemicals. In organic farming the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides is absolutely forbidden. Compliance with these regulations is supervised by the certification unit which conducts detailed inspections and accounts of production.

The quality of cold pressed oils depends on many technological processes used in production and distribution but first of all on the quality of raw material. Złoto Polskie sourcing oilseeds from certified organic farms places great emphasis on the quality of the raw material used for production. This is due to the fact that cold pressed oil takes on the characteristics of the oil contained in the seed used for production. The pressed oil is no longer subjected to any additional production processes. Nothing is added to it and nothing is reduced. Hence its most natural character. The main product of Złoto Polskie company is ecological flax oil. Apart from flax oil the company produces well known cold pressed oils: rapeseed, sunflower, pumpkin, evening primrose, nigella, thistle and others.

What makes us different?

The company’s success is the introduction of cold-pressed oils under the 10-grade brand. 10-grade oils belong to the highest quality category of oil products called virgin oils. Our company has pioneered the sale of cold-pressed oils in chilled form, directly from refrigerators in stores. This allows us to maintain the exceptional quality of these oils. The 10-stage cold-pressed oils have individual polystyrene thermal packaging protecting them from high temperature, a dark glass bottle with a tight cap protecting the products from light and air access. In the process of filling the bottles, the air is first sucked out and then the oil is poured in under pressure.

Each oil has naturally occurring antioxidants in it. In the case of oils, this is usually vitamin E, which especially when exposed to temperature – even room temperature – degenerates. If there is not enough vitamin E, the free double and triple bonds present in large quantities in cold-pressed oils are not protected and oxidize.
Oil only has health-promoting properties when it is fresh and stored properly. It should be stored at a temperature of 5-10 degrees C in tightly closed, dark bottles. Keep away from sources of light. Mail order is always done in thermal containers, to which dry ice is added in hot weather to lower the temperature.
The difficulty in our production is that you have to produce a good product, then store it properly and deliver it to the recipient under the right conditions.  Each bottle of flaxseed oil has an individual quality certificate indicating the peroxide number, acid number and fatty acid structure. All quality parameters have stricter (in relation to those applicable on the market) quality standards. Such a certificate is issued for each bottle of linseed oil purchased in the company.

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