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Incubator 4.0

Incubator 4.0 project is financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Education and its main objective is to effectively manage the deliverables of the scientific research and development projects mainly within the field of commercialization. The initiative is designed to contribute to the promotion of scientific achievements and increase their impact on advancing of innovation as well as strengthen the cooperation between the scientific community and the business environment. Incubator 4.0 managing and administrative staff will provide support for entities within the field of commercialization of the results of scientific research and development works, in initiating cooperation of the scientific community with the economic environment and in carrying out tasks that will lead to the application of the results of these studies and works on the basis of specific market solutions, in particular those acting for the benefit of disseminating science.

Scope of activity:

1. Initiating and strengthening cooperation between the scientific community and business environment, facilitating technology transfer.
 2. Commercialization of R&D projects results, particularly the analyses of the market potential as well as implementation readiness level.
 3. Technology portfolio management: monitoring and analyses of the results of R&D projects and their practical applications, analyses of market needs and adequate selection of future R&D areas.
 4. Pre-implementation works, such as additional laboratory tests or adaptation of the results to the needs of industry or business.
 5. Networking activities  – Incubator 4.0 Innovation Brokers, search for opportunities to commercialize the projects results and transfer the research know-how.