tel. +48 22 606 36 00
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Inter-department Dairy problem Group

Head of Department
dr inż. Katarzyna Kycia
tel. +48 22 606 37 86

Scope of activity

Evaluation of the quality and suitability of raw milk for processing;

Examination of microbiological, physicochemical and sensory quality of milk and milk products;

Consultancy in the field of milk and milk products technology;

Development of innovative technologies for dairy products with functional properties;

Advice on the enrichment of milk and milk products with health-promoting ingredients;

Advising on the selection of starter cultures for the production of curd cheese, cheese and other fermented milk products;

New products development advice with the addition of probiotic cultures and prebiotics;

Development of modern technological solutions and implementation of new technologies in dairy industry;

Cooperation with the industry in the field of research and scientific supervision over the implementation of modern technical and technological solutions;

Preparation of expert opinions on milk and milk products.


Conducting trainings in the form of lectures in the field of milk and milk products technology;

Cooperation with universities in the conducting of diploma theses in the fields of: food technology and human nutrition, food safety.

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