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Patents obtained by IBPRS-PIB in 2021:

–  Method of production of steamed sausage with medium crushed cured stuffing with a reduced dose of sodium nitrite and improved characteristics of commercial quality

Patent for an invention awarded abroad or to other entity – IBPRS researcher as creator of invention
–  Method of production of fruit juices and drinks

Patents obtained by IBPRS-PIB in 2020

–  Instant bean paste

–  Dry cereal-legume mixture

–  A new strain of Pediococcus acidilactici bacteria with the ability to metabolize 1,2-propanediol, containing a starter culture and a preparation.

–  Method of increasing the efficiency of beet pulp biogas plants and improving the quality of biogas and the use of a bacterial-enzymatic preparation

Patent for an invention awarded abroad or to other entity – IBPRS researcher as creator of the invention

–  Chocolate used for coating ice mass and its manufacturing method

–  Shortbread cake and the method of manufacturing of shortbread cake

–  Strain Leuconostoc mesenteroides, starter culture with content of strain Leuconostoc mesenteroides for sourdough and the use of strain and starter culture for bread manufacturing

–  Dried bakery sourdough containing Lactobacillus diolivorans KKP 2057p and Lactobacillus reuteri KKP 2048p strains and their manufacturing method

–  Wheat bakery sourdough and  bread manufacturing method with the use of the sourdough

–  Method of manufacturing of granulated organic-calcium fertilizer

Scientific publications in 2020

Publications in scientific journals

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Scientific monographs

Authorship of chapters in scientific monographs

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Publications in Conference Proceedings

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