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The Management of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute (IBPRS-PIB) puts strong emphasis on the international cooperation within the field of the scientific research. On the one hand, placing great weight on the collaboration with foreign partners and stakeholders reflects the Institute’s strategy to achieve the position of one of the best research institutes in Europe in its field of expertise, but also contributes to the foreign policy of the Polish government and the overall enhancement of the scientific competitiveness of the European Union.

Globalization of the industry and scientific research market requires collaboration among specialists from all over the world. The management of the Institute is convinced of the need to strengthen the scientific competitiveness of IBPRS-PIB on a global scale by opening up to new foreign markets and partners. IBPRS-PIB is a member of various international scientific and technology organizations and is partnering in joint multidisciplinary research projects as well as national cross-sectoral missions. The Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology is also involved in long-term academic and research partnerships with R&D institutions from Europe, the USA and Asia.

The management of the IBPRS-PIB gives the highest priority to achieving a substantial level of internationalization of the Institute, trying to keep pace with research institutes and scientific centers from the leading EU countries. The international cooperation strategy plan for the years 2021-2024 lays out the main objectives planned to attain within the field of international collaboration. The implementation of the internationalization strategy plan is based on coordinated actions of all subordinate units and dedicated departments.