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The Department of Meat and Fat Technology carries out scientific and research tasks devoted to the development of meat science and production technology as well as solving current problems of the meat industry in Poland.

Research activities include:

  • developing methods for classifying slaughter animals and qualitative assessment of meat, products and food additives,
  • improving slaughter techniques and technological processes,
  • new production methods of meat products, with particular emphasis on improving their nutritional quality and safety, including research on the sources and mechanisms of the formation and disappearance of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs),
  • the department conducts research influence of selected bacteria, including potentially probiotic strains, on the changes taking place in the muscle and fat tissue, shaping the desired quality characteristics and health safety of meat products, including those with a reduced content of nitrites and nitrates,
  • research in the field of fats includes, in particular, works on rapeseed oil, palm oil, olive oil, cocoa fat, milk fat and others,
  • research work covers technological and analytical issues such as: oil extraction, refining, modification, quality and authenticity assessment, and production of food products, including health-promoting fat products with increased nutritional value,
  • research is carried out on physical transformations of oils under high pressure conditions up to 1 GPa.



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