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The Strength of Grape Extracts: Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties Preventing the Use of Antibiotics in Farm Animals (NeoGiANT), Horizon 2020, Call: H2020 – LC – GD – 2020, Subject: LC – GD – 6-1-2020 – Testing and Demonstrating Systemic innovations supporting the “farm to fork” strategy.

The NeoGiANT project will present a sustainable extraction process on a pre-implementation scale. This process will enable the extraction of polyphenolic compounds from pomace biomass, from white grapes, in order to produce natural, high-value products with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, meeting the requirements of the feed and pharmacy market and niche sectors for artificial insemination. The project is being carried out in cooperation with key players, who are involved in its implementation. The new products will meet the demand for more affordable, natural, functional products from alternative sources.

The key objectives of the NeoGiANT is to develop and test the functionality of the project products, taking into account animal health, reduction of the negative impact on the environment and the inclusion of products into the circular economy. NeoGiANT deliverables, i.e. enriched feed, medical drugs for animals and sperm preservatives, will not only prevent the development of undesirable microorganisms, but also improve animal health and welfare, increasing the profitability of breeding.