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The Sugar Department of IBPRS conducts research and development works, scientific research and laboratory analyzes covering the following areas:

  • assessment the technological value of sugar beet processing and beet pulp
  • assessment the quality of raw sugar beet, sugar industry products, intermediates and auxiliary materials
  • microbiological tests of the companies’ sanitary condition, purity of air, machines, devices, packaging as well as employees’ hands and clothes
  • chemical reagents and standards preparation
  • testing the suitability of reagents for sugar industry

Research and development works carried out by the Sugar Department includes:

  • improving the technological process and techniques of beet sugar production, ensuring maximum efficiency and high-quality sugar, while reducing production costs
  • selection of technological parameters for processes and guidelines development for the raw material of variable quality processing,
  • technological guidelines development for the construction of apparatus and devices used in sugar industry
  • testing and evaluation of new apparatus and devices for the sugar industry
  • developing production technology of new types of sugar
  • research and evaluation of the suitability of chemical reagents for the needs of the sugar industry (biocides, protecting the heating surfaces of the evaporator against fouling, accelerating sedimentation) in terms of effectiveness, determining the optimal dose and application methods,
  • research, evaluation and selection of auxiliary materials used in the sugar production, such as: filter fabrics and nonwovens, limestone, coal etc.
  • developing methods for reducing secondary microbial contamination of sugar with particular emphasis on air quality and sanitary conditions of production facilities
  • developing effective methods of managing waste from the sugar industry in the field of green energy production and replacing mineral fertilization with natural fertilizers
  • reducing the consumption of energy carriers in the sugar production processes
  • development of rational thermo-technological systems of sugar factories
  • improvement of heat and energy management in a sugar factory


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