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Department of Fermentation Technology (ZF) of prof. W. Dąbrowski Institute of Agriculture and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute conduct innovative research towards healthier food and sustainable agriculture. We are continually developing our competences on R&D and adjust our research and service offers to the continually changing demands of consumers and food producers.

The activity of the Department of Fermentation Technology (ZF) is based mainly on research on native microbiota associated with processes of food production and agriculture, and application of obtained resources in innovative biopreparations. Our activities are aimed at isolation, identification, characterization and application of microorganisms derived from natural niches with beneficial biotechnology properties.

  • Safety of food production and processing (related mainly to antimicrobial properties of LAB and yeast and their use in the biocontrol of grain and vegetables during storage) including developing innovative methods i.e. new specific preparations for preservation, improving the safety and durability of food and feed, including organic products, inhibiting the growth of mold and mycotoxins production.
  • Transition to a chemical pesticide-free agriculture by dedicated research on biocontrol agents such as selected yeasts and bacteria against plant’s postharvest pathogens, and in terms of new pathogens as a result of climate change
  • Innovations in food production in terms of the production of high-quality food, taking into account: high nutritional density and bioavailability, activities aimed at minimizing the degree of food processing and possibly full preservation of nutrients and beneficial bioactive substances, development of food products for special groups of consumers (gluten free bread, low glycemic index bread), pulses based fermented analogs of meat products, food produced in the organic system
  • Processing of agricultural products related to exploitation of microorganisms in bacterial silage inoculants for various plant material preservation intended for fodder and biogas production. The used microorganisms  in our preparations, are characterized by the specific capabilities including inhibition of growth of mold and potentially pathogenic bacteria for animals and humans, synthesis of enzymes: amylases, xylanases, cellulases (improving the digestibility of feeds), lowering aflatoxin and ochratoxin A content in the ensiling process, metabolism of 1,2-propanediol to propionic acid, leading to improve of aerobic stability, as well as increase in biogas yield from the renewable raw materials.

Department has many years of experience in development of innovative bio-preparations, starter cultures to initiate fermentation of sourdough, vegetables, silages for feed and biogas purposes. The bio-preparations have received national and international patent protection. The preparations are produced with the use of a designed pilot plant line of Department. Our services include optimization of the culture and preservation processes of bacteria and the production of bio-preparations:

  • production of mixed bacterial-enzymatic preparations (feed additives) for fodder ensile: Lactamyl, Lactosil, and Lactacel
  • production of multi-componential bakery starter cultures for application in wheat and non-wheat sourdough
  • starter cultures for lactic acid fermentation of vegetables

Department of Fermentation Technology carries out complex and interdisciplinary research work, provides technological solutions, licenses, know-how, expertise and analytical services to industrial companies, small business, agricultural production enterprises, institutions and state offices.

ZF takes part as a leader or partner in the R&D projects with the participation of SMEs completed with implementations. Currently, Department of Fermentation Technology participates in the project financed by the program Horizon 2020 „The power of grape extracts: antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to prevent the use of antibiotics in farmed animals (NeoGiANT)”, Topic: LC‐GD‐6‐1‐2020 ‐ Testing and demonstrating systemic innovations in support of the Farm‐to‐Fork Strategy.


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