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The representatives of our research staff – Prof. Krystian Marszałek, Katarzyna Piasecka- Jóźwiak, Ph.D.,  Renata Choińska Ph.D. and Łukasz Woźniak, Ph.D. took part in a General Assembly Meeting of Horizon Europe ‘Wheatbiome’ project – Unravelling the Potential of the Wheat Microbiome for the Development of Healthier, More Sustainable and Resilient Wheat-derived Food & Feed Products.

The meeting was held at the Ourense campus of the University of Vigo. During the meeting, previous research activities and the workflow for the current year were presented and discussed. The IBPRS-PIB team is the leader of one of the WPs, which tasks focus on designing and developing new feed recipes for poultry through the fermentation of wheat by-products and assessing the quality and safety of the developed new feed materials. The meeting was accompanied by a lively discussion facilitating deeper cooperation between the consortium partners.