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Participation of IBPRS representative in the:

‘Food hygiene at primary production – Aquatic animals and products of animal origin derived thereof’ training course in Venice.

This April, a training course organized by the BTSF academy (Better Training for Safer Food) entitled: ‘Food hygiene at primary production- Aquatic animals and products of animal origin derived thereof’ was held in Venice.

The training was attended by a representative of IBPRS-PIB, Grzegorz Guzik, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Sugar Technology.

The scope of the training included:
• Preparation of marine and freshwater fish for the purpose of verification of their potential irradiation,
• New technologies for fish preservation i.e. refrigeration (fluidization) and radiation techniques (low doses of ionizing radiation),
• Audits at freshwater fish farming stations,
• Overview of primary production techniques for fisheries.

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to establish professional contacts with researchers from Italy and Portugal. They also visited the rainbow trout farm in Treviso, which was combined with elements of conducting an audit at the freshwater fish breeding station.