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 In November 2022, Ms. Justyna Szczepańska, Ph.D. Eng. from the Department of Fruit and Vegetable Product Technology of IBPRS-PIB completed a two-week internship at the University of Salerno, during which she conducted some of her research analyses within the framework of the Preludium project, which included, inter alia: zeta potential, PSD, tissue structure analysis, frap antioxidant activity test.

Justyna Szczepańska was supervised by the world-famous Professor Giovanna Ferrari, whom she had earlier met during an international conference in Copenhagen. Professor Ferrari specializes in chemical engineering and is the author of more than 160 papers in the field of food process engineering and powder technology.

During her stay at the University of Salerno, Ms. Szczepańska presented the activity of her home Institute and its Department of Fruit and Vegetable Product Technology as well as the selected results of her own research. She also had an opportunity to get acquainted with the scientific activity of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno, as well as the scope of work carried out in their laboratories with the use of advanced equipment and instrumentation.

Moreover, as part of her two-week internship, Justyna Szczepańska, Ph.D had the opportunity to exchange scientific experiences related to innovative techniques of food preservation, establish valuable professional contacts and get acquainted with the day-to-day operations of a foreign research unit. A very significant outcome of her internship was the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between IBPRS-PIB and the University of Salerno.