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On the 25th of January, the representatives of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology took part in a Kick-off Meeting of the recently launched Horizon Europe project WHEATBIOME – Unravelling the Potential of the Wheat Microbiome for the Development of Healthier, More Sustainable and Resilient Wheat-derived Food & Feed Products. The project aims to promote healthy & sustainable food systems by protecting the soil, the crops, and the plant-based feed and food via microorganisms.

The Kick-off Meeting was organized at the University of Porto and gathered the representatives of all the partnering institutions who are involved in the realization of the project, participating both, on-site as well as online. The Institute was represented by Łukasz Woźniak, Ph.D. from the Department of Food Analysis who is the Coordinator of the WP 5 of the project – Development of cutting-edge fermented poultry feeds. The meeting was also attended by the IBPRS Managing Director, Professor Artur Świergiel and Ms. Agata Wierzbińska, the Coordinator for International Relations.

During the meeting, the general overview of the project (scope, goals, background) was presented by the Coordinating institution, there was also a presentation delivered by the representative of the European Research Executive Agency on the EC policy as well as administrative and legal requirements. The objectives of all the 8 Work Packages were introduced by the WPs Coordinators, as well as the next steps and future actions regarding the project realization. Work Package 5, which is coordinated by the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology was presented by Łukasz Woźniak, Ph.D.