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Fruit and Vegetable Products Technology Department (ZO)

Exists since 1954. Since its inception, it has been closely cooperating with the fruit and vegetable industry as well as other branches of the food industry. In 2013, the Department of Beer, Malt and Pro-health Food was incorporated into the Fruit and Vegetable Products Technology Department

Head of Department

dr inż. Sylwia Skąpska
tel. +48 22 606 36 30
fax. +48 22 849 04 26

Head of the Beer and Malt Laboratory

mgr inż. Dorota Michałowska
tel.: 22 606 36 23
22 849 04 18

Department Structure

PBJFS – Pracownia Badania Jakości Fizykochemicznej i Sensorycznej
Kierownik:  mgr inż. Joanna Danielczuk

PT – Pracownia Technologiczna
Kierownik:  dr inż. hab. Krystian Marszałek, prof. IBPRS

PPS – Pracownia Piwa i Słodu
Kierownik:  mgr inż. Dorota Michałowska

Imię i nazwiskoTytułSymbol
Cywińska-Antonik Magdalena mgr inż.PBJFS22 606 36
Czuryło-Chojnacka Monikamgr inż.PBJFS22 606 36
Danielczuk Joannamgr inż.PBJFS22 606 37 88
22 606 36 13
Duluk TomaszmgrPBJFS22 606 36
Hałasińska AureliamgrPBJFS22 606 37 24
22 606 36 13
Jasińska Urszulamgr inż.PT22 606 36
Jendrzejczak Zdzisławainż.22 606 36
Kosiński Jakubinż.PBJFS22 606 36
Królikowska DorotatechnikPPS22 606 36
Ksit Monika mgr inż.PPS22 606 36
Maciejewska Urszulamgr inż.PPS22 606 36
Marszałek Krystiandr hab. inż. PT22 606 36 03
22 606 37 81
Michałowska Dorotamgr inż.PPS22 606 36 23
22 849 04 18
Napiórkowski Marekmgr inż.PPS22 606 36
Salamon Agnieszkamgr inż.PPS22 606 36
Stelmach Zbigniewmgr inż.PBJFS22 606 36
Szczepańska Justynamgr inż.PT22 606 36
Trych Urszulamgr inż.PBJFS22 606 36
Wieteska PaulinatechnologPBJFS22 606 36
Woźniak Łukaszdr inż.PT22 606 36

The Fruit and Vegetable Products Technology Department performs tests confirmed by the Research Laboratory Accreditation Certificate No. AB 452 issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation

Zakres Akredytacji Laboratorium Badawczego nr AB 452 (stan na dzień 26.11.2019 r.)

Zakres badań poszczególnych Pracowni:

Analizy Fizykochemiczne i Sensoryczne – PBJFS
Pracownia Piwa i Sodu – PPS
Pracownia Piwa i Sodu – PPS – wartość odżywcza
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Analytical offer

The Fruit and Vegetable Products Technology Department performs tests covered by the Research Laboratory scope of accreditation No. AB 452 issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation (as of January 24, 2018)

Physicochemical and Sensory Analyzes - PBJFS and PT. Research offer.

Beer and Malt Laboratory - PPS. Research offer.

Nutritional value. Beer and Malt Laboratory. Research offer.


  • Fruit and vegetable products technology development with pro-health and special nutritional purposes (functional food), also using biotechnological processes;
  • Exploring the possibilities of applying new and improving existing techniques and technologies for the processing and preserving of fruit and vegetable products;
  • Fruit and vegetable products technology development using lesser known, regional and/or organic raw materials with high health-promoting potential;
  • Production technology development for fermented beverages based on malted cereal grains,
  • establishing criteria for the evaluation of physicochemical, microbiological and sensory quality as well as developing and adapting new analytical methods for the testing of raw materials, semi-finished,  fruit and vegetable, malting and brewing products;
  • Suitability assessment for the production of new malting barley and hops varieties, proposed for cultivation in Poland;
  • Improvement of malting and hop products production technologies,
  • Improving wort production technology, fermentation, maturation and filtration of beer;
  • Technologies and techniques development of waste production management in the malting and brewing industry.
  • Natural flavors and food dyes testing and receiving.


  • Quality testing of raw materials, semi-finished products and products of the fruit and vegetable, malting and brewing industries, using chemical, physicochemical, enzymatic, sensory and instrumental methods,
  • testing the nutritional and energy value of raw materials and agri-food products,
  • expertise on the authenticity of juices, concentrated juices, nectars, fruit beverages and purées;
  • Quality and microbiological safety testing of semi-finished products and fruit and vegetable and brewing products
  • Food products thermal fixation processes control;
  • conducting selected technological processes in the field of fruit and vegetable processing and malting at the microtechnical scale;
  • participation in the development and amendment of the subject standards of the fruit and vegetable industry in terms of their adaptation to EU directives and international standards (EN, ISO, CAC / FAO-WHO).


Physicochemical and microbiological analytical methods training in the Department’s field of activity.

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