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Waldemar Priebe, Ph.D.

Experimental Therapeutics – Unit 1950
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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Drug Discovery in Academia: From Scientific Curiosity to the Patient

Dr. Priebe’s research merges biology with chemistry and focuses on the design and development of drugs that selectively target DNA and inhibitors of signaling and metabolic pathways important to tumor progression and survival. He has a long term interest in the field of carbohydrates ranging from organic chemistry of carbohydrates to the exploitation of carbohydrate metabolism in normal cells and cancer cells.

Dr. Priebe is noted for his successful development of new therapeutic entities for the treatment of cancer. During his career, he has generated an extensive library of distinct, novel cancer-fighting compounds (numbering in the thousands) covering many structural scaffolds and diverse therapeutic areas. The invention of these agents has led to many patents and numerous licenses. Three of his drugs are in clinical trials and several others are in different stages of preclinical development.

In addition to his position at M. D. Anderson, Dr. Priebe holds the title of Professor of Chemistry in the Republic of Poland.

Dr. Priebe has published more than 200+ peer-reviewed journal articles and his work has led to over 40 patents. Additionally, he has organized at least 25 national and international conferences and been an invited lecturer on more than 150 occasions.